Skin Care Products

Looking at me you would think I would need hair care products due to my wild and curly hair but I actually come to this store for the skin care products! There is a certain brand I really like that they sell in a bigger size that I need which is hard to find online.

Hair Relaxer

Being half Italian and half African, I have light skin but African hair so people are always surprised when I tell them I use hair relaxer. A friend told me this shop opened up at Roosevelt Field mall recently and has good hair relaxer products. I was not disappointed!

Great Wigs For Costumes!

I’m a really big nerd and like to dress up as video game and cartoon characters. This store has only been opened in Roosevelt Field mall for a short time but as soon as I saw the selection of wigs I just had to buy some to use for Halloween and Comic-Con!

Goth Girl

I’m a goth girl and we go through a lot of makeup to keep up our appearance. I like to hang out in the mall with my friends and I always make sure to stop by to pick up some more makeup. My boyfriend is goth and he shops here too!

Foreign Products

My family is from Guyana and we use certain beauty products that are hard to find in a regular store so I usually have to order it online. Glam Wigs in Roosevelt Field mall actually has a great selection of foreign beauty products which was very surprising! I come here all the time now!

Lipstick and Makeup

I work in the city and actually do makeup for other people so I am around this stuff everyday. This store opened in Roosevelt Field mall and I recently had the opportunity to check it out. I was not disappointed! They have a really large selection of lipstick and makeup!

My Hair Loves It

My hair is very silky so I am very particular about the kind of products I use. Many of the things I order can only be found online but this store has a great selection and I even found some new products that I really love!

Large Selection of Products!

I work across the street and the location is convenient for me to visit. They have a lot of great products for all kinds of hair. I like to be able to smell it before I purchase which is something you cannot do when you order online!